Fly Your Creativity with Phenox!

We started Phenox because we believe the future of aerial robots. Aerial space is highly potential for innovative technologies and cultures. So far there seem to be limited applications of flying robots dependent on controller devices or stationary equipment. We wanted to develop an available platform to explore the possibilities in the air much more than ever. Phenox Lab provides you with intelligent, interactive and programmable drone - Phenox. Phenox is not just a flying robot, but a platform of "Flying Apps" for everyone.


Onboard Intelligence

Using uniquely developed “intelligent self-control system (ISCS)”, Phenox hovers stably without any ground stations. This is the world-first successful quadcopter realizing both this smallness and full autonomy within the system in small body - almost fits in your hand.



With onboard front-camera, bottom-camera and microphone, Phenox interacts with your voice and movement. There is no need to use controllers anymore. You have only to call and put out your hand to make interaction.



You can write and fly your own "Flying Apps" on Linux-based system of Phenox. The original and rich library helps your creative ideas into reality. You don't need to struggle to control to fly it stably. Phenox stabilizes itself using the cutting-edge control system.


by Phenox Lab on 2014.04.30 in News