Phenox is an intelligent, interactive and programmable drone designed and developed by Phenox Lab.


Intelligent - Phenox requires no external control to fly.

Interactive - Phenox has two cameras and one microphone to recognize you.

Programmable – Linux-based system of Phenox is programmable. You can write your own program and realize your creative ideas in the sky.


Above Your Hand

Call to Fly


Zynq-7000 Soc (dual core CPUs and FPGA)

DDR3 (256MB)

micro SD (4GB)

Four Brushless Motors

Two cameras, Microphone, IMUs and Range Sensor



Length: 120 mm (motor to motor)

Weight: 60 gram (including battery)

Operating Time: 30 mins (on ground) 5 mins (in flight)

Sensors: two cameras, a microphone, IMUs, range sensor, battery monitor

Operating Voltage: 11.8v

Payload: 25 gram

OS: Linux Ubuntu

Connection to Host: Bluetooth


Phenox project was started in 2012. Through experiments and prototyping Phenox has come to the 4th version.

1st Prototype: Success in flight at the end of 2012. Micro-controller (cortex-M4) , FPGA(Spatran-6) and DDRSDRAM(64MB), IMUs, a monocular camera and 4-inch propeller. 120g.

2nd Prototype: Self-position estimation system using a monocular camera. Very small brushless motor and its control system. 100 grams.

3rd Prototype: ZYNQ-7000 Soc and DDR3 on the compact designed circuit board. Boot linux program from 4GB micro SD card and two cameras are used for self position estimation and acquisition of raw images on-board. But two battery are used for noise canceling. 80grams.

4th (current) prototype: Desgined for further improvement of the third prototype. Cables and separated circuit board are united to one main circuit board system. Also, miscellaneous hardware and software bugs are fixed. A battery for logic supply is removed and combined all supply source from one 3-cell battery. Down to 65grams.


Tutorial 1: Reading Images from Two Cameras

Tutorial 6: Autonomous Flight and Flight Log


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1. To achieve maneuverability, Phenox is designed to reduce weight – at the same time, fragile. So control it with care in each operating cycle.

2. Please read online manual carefully and see our tutorials before playing with Phenox.

3. As propellers are naked, please ensure safety with eye protectors anytime.

4. Phenox is an experimental device for developers and radio operators. As Bluetooth connector receives no qualification, please make experiments carefully about environment.